Plugless Power for your electric carEvatran’s Plugless Power wireless/proximity charging system grows up by evolving into the form of a new circular sensor that is far removed from the boring, rectangle design which folks caught a glimpse of at the Plug-In 2010 Conference. The change is not just cosmetic, ending up as round simply because customers preferred something that looked like that, but rather, the insides have been improved as well. The Plugless Power system is now hovering at efficiency levels of 90% to 91%, which is at least 10% more in total compared to last year’s overall efficiency of 80%.

You will, of course, need to upgrade your plug-in car to make it compatible with this new charge receiver. Drivers will just need to be close enough to the sending unit in order to juice up the vehicle sans cables, and the sensitivity of the disc is such that it can be a half-radius off and still continue to do its job with aplomb.

It is not quite ready for a market release just yet, so it will need to undergo more tests. A trial phase is beginning at the moment, where Evatran is on the lookout for a handful of Chevrolet Volts to have them converted before 2012 arrives.

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