Are you a fan of the game, Portal 2? If you are, then this little fella here should be all too familiar. For those who aren’t familiar, it is a character based on the game developed and published by Valve. The robot you see above is a character from the game called Wheatly and is reportedly one of the most beloved characters from the Portal series. What you are seeing above is a fan creation of the character which goes beyond paper mache.

Created by puppeteer and cosplayer who goes by the handle of TRP-Chan, the artist has managed to create a puppet this more than just a huge motorized ball on wheels. It even includes features like LED lights, speakers and audio chips. According to TRP-Chan:

The audio buttons alone account for a ton of wires. Ten buttons and pos/neg to each means before you even start counting things like amp, speaker, audio chip and his LEDs, there’s 20 wires snaking around in there taking up space. Unfortunately the space they’re taking up is the spot I’d chosen for his speaker. Said speaker should be arriving this evening (I had to order a new one.. the first one was too big) so I’ll be doing some fussing tonight to make it all fit.

The Wheatly puppet is even controllable through a hole in the back, which is where the controls are located. It’s more or less a regular puppet or ventriloquist dummy where the controls to the puppet can be accessed from the back of the puppet’s head, with the exception that this Wheatly puppet will be able to playback 10 quotes from the game.

If you’re interested in checking out the entire process of how the puppet was made, and maybe make one yourself, just head on down here for more details.

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