Pro PETA Android malware surfacesA new Android malware has emerged and unlike other Android malware (like the recent one that disguised itself as a Google+ app), this one actually has good intentions behind it, although we think that the malware’s creator could have gone about it in a more legal way.

Any Android users out there who may have downloaded KG DogFighting by Kage Games? For those unfamiliar with the game, it’s basically a $5 app that allows you to raise a virtual dog, inject it with adrenaline shots and pit it against other dogs, who have been raised by other players as well. While we guess this is better than real life dog fights, it looks like the malware’s creator thought otherwise.

A version of the game with the Dogbiet trojan has been uploaded to third party app sites and warez (illegal software) sites, and upon downloading and installing the app, the app will then sign the user up for PETA’s text messaging service. It will also send out text messages to your contacts with the message “I take pleasure in hurting small animals, just thought that you should know that.”

While PETA has denied any involvement, it seems that they condone the actions of the malware’s creator by calling it “ingenious”.

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