Road Rash to be revived by EA Games?

Anyone remember the EA game Road Rash? For those who may be too young to remember the game, it was basically a motorcycle game where you competed against other motorcyclists. The first game was released in 1991 and it was not your typical racing game. Your character could use chains and baseball bats to beat up other motorcyclists, causing them to crash. You could even kick their bikes and steal their weapons and run over civilians. GTA (Grand Theft Auto) anyone?

There have been talks about reviving the game several years ago, but until today there still has been nothing, at least until EA Labels president Frank Gibeau came out and spoke to CVG at Gamescom that the company is looking to rework and reimagine some of their older franchises.

While he did not actually come out and say Road Rash was definitely on their list, he did mention the game a couple of times. We’re not sure if he was trying to hint subtly that Road Rash would be one of those games, or if he was just trying to reference retro games that he had a hand in creating. Either way as a fan of the original Road Rash and Road Rash 2, I wouldn’t mind seeing the game remade and reworked with today’s graphics and technology. Any other retro gamers feel the same?

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