Moscow is a beautiful city – and an expensive one to live in, even if you’re just a tourist. Well, Russia is not looking around for their next source of tourism income, but rather, upwards – after all, the country is hoping to construct the first space hotel in the solar system that will include lunar sightseeing flights and luxury rides to space, clearly upsetting the way vacations are meant to be spent compared to the rest of the more…grounded venues.

Russia is looking to construct a new kind of spacecraft that is capable of bringing aboard a slew of passengers to space, and NASA’s space shuttle is out of the question after it was retired recently. As for the orbiting hotel, it will have enough room for seven guests by the time 2016 rolls around, while additional plans including flying tourists to the dark side of the moon (and discovering some Autobots remains, perhaps?) apart from targeting trips to Mars by 2030.

No idea on just how many staff is required to make sure the space hotel can operate smoothly – will the engineer there also be the bedkeeper, doorman, butler, and chef all rolled into one? After all, with a guest list of just seven, all spending time together in such a confined space might get challenging when abrasive personalities meet. It isn’t as though you can just drive off somewhere in a huff whenever you get upset up there, can you?

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