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Samsung Galaxy S 2 US variants pictured

09 Samsung Galaxy S 2 family

If you can’t wait until the Galaxy S 2 event next week to find out what the US variants of the Android super phone will look like, you’re in luck. The folks over at Pocketnow have managed to get their hands on a promotional image showing three Galaxy S 2 phones with their respective carrier logos next to them. Just like the WSJ reported yesterday – Verizon’s variant is missing (rumored to be replaced with the Nexus Prime or DROID Charge successor) from the family portrait.

The middle phone shows the Sprint variant, which corroborates with previous speculations about the phone, and the other two phones are branded with carrier logos on the front of the devices. The phones should all be similarly spec’d, with minor differences (just like the previous versions of the Galaxy S). Let’s hope this time around, the phones won’t be suffering from (extremely) delayed updates. Monday’s the date of the unveiling, so keep tuned to this blog for all the details.

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