Update: Samsung has categorically denied this rumor, so that’s that. No HP for Samsung!

South Korean consumer electronics giant, Samsung, has been thinking about HP and their PC business – but we do know that this is just a rumor as at press time, without any way of verifying it. It is open for speculation though, as HP recently decided to spin off its PC business so that it is able to focus on software. If Samsung takes up what HP disposed, then they might not need to rely on Taiwan-based companies to build computers any more.

You got to love globalization and the kind of competition that capitalism opens up – corporate boardroom strategies are always full of mystery and intrigue, and at times, it does make us wonder just what kind of wheeling and dealing goes on behind closed doors as the top management of different companies around the world try to outdo one another in select (or all) departments. Do you think Samsung will snap up HP’s PC business, or will some other company take up the offer (if the price is right)?

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