Sandisk Sansa Clip Zip

Sandisk is introducing the Sansa Clip Zip, an uber-small “sub $50” MP3 player that has 4GB ($49.99) or 8GB ($69.99), which can be further extended with a microSD card (32GB). When fully loaded on the storage side, it can contain 8000 songs, which is *a lot*, especially if you paid for all these MP3s ;)

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The Sansa Clip Zip has a 1.1″ color screen that powers the user interface. This is not a touch display, but at 1.1″ it’s probably a good idea. Despite the small size, the album photos are recognizable and the overall experience is much better than it was with a monochrome display.The Sansa Clip Zip also supports (non-DRM) AAC files from Apple/iTunes. However, the most interesting part in my opinion is the support for music rental via Rhapsody. Such a music rental service will let you load 40GB (or more) on your mobile device, and the music will work for as long as you have a subscription.  In addition of being an MP3 player, it is also an FM radio.

The device can be charged with a micro-USB cable (surely, you’ve got many already), and comes in 7 colors (white, black, red, orange, gun metal gray, blue, purple).

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