Skype for iPad officially released

Remember the iPad app for Skype that was released earlier and then pulled off from the App Store? Well, it looks like it is back up again. Following an official announcement on the Skype blog, the Skype for iPad is now officially released for the iPad. If you were wondering about what the big deal is – why the hype when there’s already a Skype app on iOS.

Well, this version of the app has been optimized for the iPad, making full use of the extra screen real estate that’s available on the tablet instead of just blowing up the size of the iPhone-optimized version. Skype for the iPad brings two-way video calling with other Skype users (on any platform), instant messaging, SMS texting, and more. One of the main advantages that Skype will have over FaceTime is the ability to make video calls over 3G – something that is rumored to be in future versions of iOS but currently not available.

Skype for the iPad is free, though you’ll need to pay fees if you’d like to make calls to regular phone lines. Head over to the Apple App Store to download it now.

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