The problem with installing a new car audio system is that for those who are inexperienced, it usually requires a trip to the mechanic who will help you to install the system for a fee. The fee ranges depending on the mechanic and their generosity, but if you’re looking to install a new sound system in your car without all that hassle, Sony’s XDP-PK1000 could be it.


Essentially the XDP-PK1000 is just a box that goes inside your car and connects to your existing stereo system, an iOS device dock, and an amp and subwoofer, and even comes with a remote control so you can control the music while you drive without having to fiddle with knobs.

The iPhone/iPod dock mounts via a suction cup and there are integrated buttons for ON/OFF functions, volume and seeking, while the remote control allows control of the master and subwoofer volumes, seven-step bass and treble control, along with 50-step volume control and fade/balance controls.

Its expected to start shipping this September, but if you’re hoping to get this set up in your car be prepared to pay $799 for the entire setup.

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