Sprints latest phones leaked, Samsung Epic 4G Touch amongst themThere seems to be a leak on the latest upcoming handsets from Sprint which will definitely pique your interest if you were thinking about upgrading your smartphone to the next best thing. First of all, it seems that the Samsung Within will be on the receiving end of a new moniker, where the Galaxy S II will be known as the Epic 4G Touch. Since there is the verb “Touch” in the name, it would most probably mean there will no longer be a QWERTY keyboard accompanying said handset, but for those who still prefer physical buttons simply because they haven’t gotten used to a virtual keyboard, there is always the Epic 2 to look forward to.

As for the Kingdom, this smartphone will feature a qHD resolution display alongside the latest version of HTC Sense. The Kingdom is also known as the EVO Design 4G. Apart from that, there will be a new Motorola smartphone coming your way, where it will be called the Admiral. This does not seem to be a 4G-enabled smartphone, so expect this to reside in the mid-range hierarchy of smartphones from Sprint.

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