The nouveau riche in oil rich states in the Gulf is certainly no stranger to excessiveness – and King Abdullah of Jordan, a huge fan of Star Trek, has decided that he will proceed with a Star Trek-inspired theme park which will cost a whopping $1.5 billion to construct – right in the middle of the desert, but one good thing about this particular theme park is its recurring green theme – it will rely on as much green technology as possible to lower the overall carbon footprint.


The entire Star Trek theme park’s electricity needs will be delivered via renewable energy, which means the overall operating cost would be reduced greatly throughout the theme park’s lifetime. There will also be a center in Jordan which will not beam you up to outer space, but educate you on the importance and benefits of renewable energy sources as well as learning about other interesting eco-friendly practices such as graywater harvesting.

Spread over a 74 hectare area, this unique theme park will comprise of 17 entertainment zones and a four-star hotel – not to mention a slew of other attractions that are too long to mention here. Too bad there is no way you can transport yourself from wherever you are to there in an instant.

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