Telefonica iPhone stock recalledThe iPhone 5 is definitely a hot topic that is going around the Internet these days, as everyone and their dog are glued onto following pioneering Twitter channels and RSS feeds to hear anything about the upcoming smartphone from Apple that looks set to be the next big thing since, well, since the iPhone 4. Here’s a whiff of something interesting – from August 22nd onwards, Telefonica will start to scale back their existing iPhone stock all the way through to September 12th. It seems that this entire program will take a good three weeks to complete, which will in turn help prepare them for a roll out of a new smartphone. Needless to say, rumors abound that the new smartphone is obviously the successor to the iPhone 4, as it certainly jives with what other people have been talking about, a September or October release date.

What do you think? I am quite sure that you have long made up your mind that you would get the iPhone 6, and purchasing the iPhone 5 is already a given from a couple of years ago. How about the boys over at the Android camp, do you think Telefonica has done this to make way for the iPhone 5, or is it for another handset?

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