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TomTom GO-LIVE 1535M with Check In sent via Twitter

The market have been tough for GPS makers since smartphones are doing the same job by integrating efficient location technologies and offering a broad choice of navigation applications.
Even TomTom has its own iPhone app that has been recently updated (version 1.8- June 2011) to include TomTom HD Traffic compatibility; TomTom HD traffic is available via in-App purchase for  $19.99.

At Ubergizmo, we have predicted that more and more devices will be connected via the same applications in the near future, following the trend started by TV manufacturers 3 years ago, that has recently been confirmed confirmed by the launch of the Samsung smart fridge (announced at CES 2011). We even suspect that a number of devices such as consumer cameras might get Android at some point (or a light version of Android).

We are happy to see that the trend is confirmed again today with the launch of the TomTom GO LIVE 1535M, a GPS with a 5” touch screen and voice recognition that offers, for the first time in a PND, popular apps like Yelp, TripAdvisor, Expedia and Twitter, in addition to the current TomTom application offering that includes HD Traffic, IQ Route, Local Search, Fuel Prices, and Weather Forecasts. I wish TomTom would have added a feature that I am asking so long: the ability to send an address via email to the PND, to avoid the pain of having to deal with the input interface.

Check availability, pricing, features, and the detailed description of the applications in the complete article.


The TomTom GO LIVE 1535 M will be available in October 2011, pricing starts at $249 MSRP. A free 12-month subscription of LIVE services will be available with each purchase.
Users of the GO LIVE 2535 M will also be able to download these Apps to their existing device through a software update this fall.

TomTom GO LIVE 1535M features

Features include:

-          Voice Recognition with one-step address entry
-          Bluetooth Hands-Free Callingwith compatible mobile phones
-          Integrated Mount with flip-screen
-          5” touch screen
-          Spoken Street Names
-          Advanced Lane Guidance
-          Maps of US, CAN and MEX (GO LIVE 1535 M)
-          Maps of US (GO LIVE 1530)
-          Lifetime Map Updates (varies by model – please reads the terms here:

Additional Features Available on the GO LIVE 1535 M
-          TomTom LIVE Services bundle, including TomTom HD Traffic (available in country of purchase)
-          IQ Routes
-          New Travel apps from Yelp, TripAdvisor, Expedia and Twitter
-          Other popular TomTom Apps like Local Search, Fuel Prices, and Weather Forecasts

TomTom Services, IQ Route and HD Traffic

HD traffic is the unique feature carried by TomTom, that provides, according to the manufacturer, higher accuracy, notably in traffic jam updates, more miles coverage across the US and more frequent updates, every 2 minutes, while competing RDS-TMC solutions send updates every 15 minutes.

HD Traffic

TomTom is going on a mission of reducing traffic congestion for all and claims to accomplish that with its HD Traffic technology, reducing the travel times of TomTom users by up to 15%. The company boldly stated during the briefing: “When 10% of people drive with TomTom HD Traffic, roads will flow more efficiently and travel times will be reduced for everyone.”

TomTom HD Traffic 01

TomTom HD Traffic efficiency comparison from TomTom presentation

Regarding traffic information, TomTom claims to be more efficient than its competitors, virtually eliminating “Ghost” jams. This is possible because HD traffic receive information from a larger number of data sources than competing services, including (but not limited to) a large number of GPS devices and iPhones.  (See graphic above)

TomTom HD Traffic 03

TomTom HD Traffic coverage (right) compared to the competition (RDS-TMC solutions) on the left

Additionally, HD traffic is touted to cover up to 6 million miles across the US while RDS-TMC covers up to 500,000 miles. It means that, with competing solutions, only major roads and cities are covered, according to TomTom. See a visual example (picture above, provided by the company) of the difference in coverage for New York City.

IQ Routes

IQ route is a neat application that helps you find the fastest route according to the time in the day, it is based on historical data added by TomTom users over the years and calculates routes based on the real average speeds measured on roads every day. Combined with HD traffic and its real-time updates, IQ Routes is able to recommend the fastest itinerary and deliver more accurate estimated arrival times. Find more information on the IQ Routes page.

Yelp Optimized for TomTom GO LIVE

TomTom Yelp 01

Yelp for TomTom Go LIVE 1535M

The Yelp application for TomTom offer the key features that you get in the mobile app with access to Nearby restaurants and point of interests (Near You), users reviews, locations shown on the map  access to information, parking, and the ability to call from the application when a mobile phone is paired in Bluetooth with the GPS device.

Check out the user interface in the images below.

TomTom Yelp 02

Yelp for TomTom Go LIVE 1535M

TomTom Yelp 03

Yelp for TomTom Go LIVE 1535M

Trip Advisor Optimized for TomTom GO LIVE 1535M

TomTom TripAdvisor 01

Trip Advisor for TomTom Go LIVE 1535M

TripAdvisor offers similar features as yelp, with location-based recommendations for hotels, restaurants and points of interests. Similarly to yelp, you have access to the information, parking facility and phone call directly from the map view.

TomTom TripAdvisor 02

Trip Advisor for TomTom Go LIVE 1535M

Expedia Optimized for TomTom GO LIVE 1535M

TomTom Expedia 01

Expedia for TomTom Go LIVE 1535M

The Expedia application provides pricing and availability of rooms in hotels near you, with the complete list of amenities and detailed information. See screen shots below.

Twitter Customized for TomTom GO LIVE 1535M

TomTom Twitter 01

Twitter for TomTom GO LIVE 1535M

My first thought when TomTom told me they have managed to integrate Twitter in the GO LIVE 1535M was “Tweeting while driving, that’s dangerous!”. TomTom integration is well thought, it enables users to send automatic tweets to a private list of people with their ETA (estimated time of arrival), updates are automatically sent if delays occur.

TomTom Twitter 02

Twitter for TomTom GO LIVE 1535M

It is possible to manually customize the tweet as well. For obvious safety reasons, it is not possible to see the feed. (image on the left below)
Additionally, users can check in when they arrive. (first image in the article, top f the page)

TomTom Twitter 03

Twitter for TomTom GO LIVE 1535M


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