Torchlight 2 might not make it to the Xbox 360If you enjoyed the original Torchlight game by Runic Games on either the Xbox or the PC (or possibly even both!), you no doubt are looking forward to the sequel which is apparently slated for a release sometime this year. Unfortunately it appears that the game will only be available for the PC and not for the Xbox 360, unlike its predecessor.

The problem, according to Runic Games, is that unlike the first Torchlight which was a relatively small and streamlined game, Torchlight 2 will be more comprehensive and will feature a bigger world which is apparently too big for the Xbox 360’s memory.

Runic Games acknowledged the Xbox community for their support of the first game but for now they will be concentrating first on the PC version of the game, followed by a Mac version, and then they will determine if they still want to do a console version of the game. If they did, according to Runic Game’s CEO Max Schaefer, it would require a redesign of the interface which would have to be specifically tailored for the Xbox 360.

While PC and Mac fans of the game are rejoicing, how do you Xbox 360 players out there feel that Torchlight 2 will most likely not be arriving on your console?

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