University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee system hacked, personal information stolen

It seems that being a hacker is the “in” thing these days – and the latest victim reported in the news would be the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM), where their computer was hacked and rigged with malicious software, resulting in the potential exposure of up to 75,000 names and Social Security numbers that will comprise of the student, faculty and staff population there.

Here’s a temporary respite though – UWM officials claim that investigators have no evidence that data was viewed or stolen, while the school went around sending letters to those who might have been affected by the security breach. According to UWM, the primary group affected would be current and former students and employees.

Forensic experts do not think that the motive behind the hacking was identity theft, as UWM is basically a research institution that has a fair number of projects which are already in the pipeline. Perhaps the reason for the hacking might have been an attempt to make it seem as though work was being done by certain parties.

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