If you are a DIY enthusiast, then chances are you might fall in love with this USB-powered Illuminator that does come in handy whenever you are in a tight spot, and in a jiffy, of course. For folks who have exhausted all ways of recycling their collection of ancient compact discs (or even DVDs), then this is the DIY project for you. You will need a single 3.5v bright LED, a 68 ohm resister, a trio of CDs and a USB cable to get started.

Cobbling all of those together will result in the USB-powered Illuminator, where it will definitely help you obtain just a little bit more light when you need, especially when working at a computer. Why three CDs? Those are meant to be the “lamp shade”, and if you decide to throw in a magnifying glass so that when a light source is applied, there will be more of a refractive punch. It isn’t compulsory, but I guess the final result would be a whole lot cooler.

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