When you talk about Android-powered smartphones, surely the names that crop up are often HTC, Samsung, LG and Motorola, but Verzo? Guess not, and I too, had the same blank on my face when I first came across its name. This rather mysterious Android smartphone manufacturer has its device known as the Kinzo, where it is scheduled for a late September rollout. WE do know that Novague is the designer behind this handset, boasting its very own user interface that is said to “get the most from the Android system.”

The Kinzo is tipped to sell on the company’s website first, where shipments will be made to US and across the pond shortly after that. Once those two countries receive their fair share of Kinzos, Russia, China, South America and the Middle East are up next on the list, making us wonder just which kind of consumer group would fork out the dough for something like this. It does look like an iPhone from certain angles, although the classic quartet of  Android buttons at the bottom give the game away at first glance.

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