Wake up sleepy kids FPS styleThey say that habits are cultivated over time, and can prove to be rather hard to break. Take me for instance – I struggle with the demon of nail biting even until today, but at least one good thing has come out of it, I need not purchase nail clippers any more. I digress – the snooze button on most alarm clocks have proved to be a bane rather than boon, as it allows folks to sleep in longer than expected, sometimes resulting in them being late for an appointment. Snoozing your way to waking up (sounds ironic, I know) might not be a habit you want your kids to pick up, so here is an enterprising parent who decided that the best way to get sleepy kids out of bed after the alarm rings would be to use the automatic Super Soaker Thunderstorm. Forget about slipping frozen marbles down their backs, that’s old fashioned stuff.

This is a real wet job that parents have to clean up after, but I am quite sure the kids would learn this lesson well – get up the moment the alarm clock rings, and the snooze button is of the devil. Check out a video of it in action after the jump, with a trippin’ Doom soundtrack in the background for added effect.

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