Fancy some Over The Air (OTA) goodness from HP? The world’s top computer manufacturer has just announced the latest webOS update that will arrive on your spanking new tablet via the OTA method, moving webOS up a notch to version 3.0.2, where it is touted to improve the TouchPad’s performance and reliability. No kidding, Sherlock, most updates are supposed to do stuff like that, so this is pretty much keeping in line with the general viewpoint.


Minor functionality improvements have also been made to webOS applications, including speedier scrolling and image rendering in email, tweaks in your calendar in addition to automatic correction of contractions whenever you type.

webOS on the HP TouchPad did receive its fair share of brickbats, with those who have disdain for it calling it sluggish, while the relatively miniscule number of webOS applications have also turned people away. Having said that, there is still plenty of work to be done on a fledgling platform such as webOS, so hopefully sometime down the road (sooner rather than later, of course), things will start looking up.

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