webOS will not be licensed?webOS is certainly an enigma – it certainly does look rather pretty on paper, but somehow in the strange scheme of things, webOS did not really become the next big thing as certain quarters expected. The recent killing off of the HP TouchPad might have proved to be the nail in webOS’ coffin. With HP refunding early adopters of the HP TouchPad, not to mention introducing a massive price cut to clear off whatever remaining inventory of the TouchPad that is left lying around, perhaps if TouchDroid takes off successfully, you might just see a reversal in the price policy of the TouchPad, no?

I guess HP is not going to take the risk of being “third time lucky”, seeing that webOS has already failed a couple of times before – first with Palm, and then with HP. It isn’t to say that webOS was not given all the help it could from either Palm or HP, but somehow, this pretty operating system just failed to capture the imagination of the masses.

Apart from that, if anyone decides to license webOS from HP, will they be able to obtain the relevant level of support from the company, and if the fee was high, why not go for something that still has life in it, like Windows Phone 7?

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