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What it’s like to buy a fake iPhone 5 in China

21 iPhone 5 store

Ever wanted to know what it’s like to purchase a Shanzai’d phone in China? Well somebody decided to catch the whole phone buying experience in Shenyang, China and uploaded it to YouTube. The phone we have in question is an “iPhone 5″ knockoff. As you can see from the video, the phone vendor is an enthusiastic girl who seems pretty familiar with the phone, selling the phone like it was the real deal. She even shows the customer how to use the phone, and even unpacks the authentic-looking box to show the customer what the phone comes with.

What’s interesting about one of the “iPhone 5″ devices is the presence of an extendable antenna which I assume is used to tune into TV. For those of you who speak Chinese, you’ll probably be able to understand the video better idea of what’s going on:

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