Microsoft Windows 8 preview coming?Microsoft has set up a spanking new blog – where the software giant could very well use that platform to unveil their latest operating system update in 16 years, where we are talking about Windows 8. This will be a next-generation flagship product, and it is touted to deliver the most significant overhaul to the operating system ever since Windows 95 was released all those years ago.

Here is what Microsoft had to say in their blog post, “Windows 8 reimagines Windows for a new generation of computing devices. Today more than two out of three PCs are mobile. Screen sizes range from under 10 inches to wall-sized screens and multiple HD screens. Storage has jumped from megabytes to terabytes and has moved up to the cloud.”

If Windows 8 is going to go through another round of “previews”, then it won’t be the first time – and we’re quite sure that it won’t be the last, either. After all, Microsoft did run a preview of Windows 8 back in June this year, showcasing some of the operating system’s tablet-friendly interface that ought to win a few more friends over to their side. There is still no exact shipping date of the preview version though, so stay tuned.

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