Getting stuck in a traffic jam is no fun for anybody – but good thing there are different ways being conjured up to help motorists reach home faster – and safer, of course. Bluetooth connectivity might be the next big thing when it comes to fighting traffic congestion – where real-time data will be snatched directly from Bluetooth devices along a network of sensors, according to how Houston’s cutting edge TranStar traffic monitoring center does it. Known as Anonymous Wireless Address Matching (AWAM), it will retrieve individual MAC addresses on Bluetooth-enabled systems including smartphones, hands-free devices, computers, and heck – even the Sony PSP Go, whenever such devices enter a roadway equipped with a sensor. Of course, these devices will need to have their Bluetooth radio turned on.

Assuming you cross from one sensor to another, the latter will record your presence, recognizing you as the same vehicle. It will then perform some basic calculations to come up with your speed between the two points, resulting in an average that can be weighted against what others have gone through as well. Needless to say, the more people who are involved in this particular reading, the more accurate its results will be.

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