$675,000 fine for illegal song downloads downgraded?The long arm of the law is still pinching Joel Tenenbaum since his 2009 ruling downgrade by a Boston jury when it comes to illegally downloading music files, but when you hear the 90% reduction in fines, it is still quite a sum to cough up – we’re talking about $67,500, as the original $675,000 figure was deemed to be “unconstitutionally excessive.”

However, an appeals court has ruled otherwise – saying that “we affirm the finding of liability against Tenenbaum and in favor of plaintiffs,” which means the $675,000 judgment against Tenenbaum has been reinstated.

Good luck paying that amount off in this day and age, especially when the economy is in such a shamble. I suppose time is on the 28-year-old’s side, since there are still plenty of years left to go to figure out a way to make enough money to pay off that fine. All in all, it just goes to show that you should not download music or videos illegally – crime does not pay.

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