6ft tall Tetris game controlled with DDR mats

Are you a fan of the game Tetris and/or Dance Dance Revolution (DDR)? If you are, three MIT students have found a way to play a 6 foot tall LED matrix game of Tetris while using the DDR mat as a controller.

Basically what the students did was that they took acrylic tubes, laser cut them into portions and attached them to a chipboard frame. This design was used as the background, with the LEDs inside the acrylic tubes lighting up accordingly to their shapes and rotations. You can even battle it out against friends, much like how you would when you play DDR.

Now if you’re adventurous enough and want to turn this into a personal project of yours, the code for the game can be found from the Github website, although it does not appear that they provide instructions on how to set everything up physically. Check out the video below for a demonstration of the game in action, although you might want to turn the volume down a bit as the music is a bit loud.

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