Amazons NYC Test video on YouTubeWe’re more or less a few hours away from Amazon heating up the Internet with news of their latest release – the Kindle Fire tablet, and Amazon promptly decided to upload the Kindle YouTube page with their new video called “NYC Test“. The video’s content is a mish mash of characters and situations, but a common theme weaved throughout seems to be that of ‘fire’ – makes sense though, what with the Kindle Fire being expected by nearly everyone later.

Even weirder is, toggling the volume bar does not make any difference no matter how high you push it, not crank up the volume on your amplifier as the entire video is as silent as a Charlie Chaplin clip.

No idea on whether this video has anything to do with the upcoming Kindle Fire, and why the name “NYC Test”? I’m feeling like Yoda now when he says, “the Dark Side clouds everything”, but good money should be placed on a Kindle Fire release in conjunction with the video. How about you?

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