Android trumps iPhone 2 to 1 in new smartphone salesIt seems that the Apple iPhone is no longer the powerhouse that it once was – but make no mistake about it, it is still a formidable force worldwide, but Google’s Android operating system that is behind the plethora of handsets manufactured by HTC, Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson and Motorola have proved to be quite the phone mover as well. In the latest round of statistics compiled by Nielsen, it showed that the iPhone’s market share in the US has eroded, while Google’s Android handsets gained the upper hand.

In August, 28% of those who had picked up a smartphone in the previous 3 months chose an iPhone, which is down form 31% of those who said the same three months prior. As for Android’s share, those rose from 49% in May to 56% in August – this means that for every new iPhone purchase, 2 more Android-powered smartphones were bought elsewhere in the US.

Who’s the biggest loser here? RIM’s Blackberry who saw their share of recent smartphone purchased drop to 9% from 16% in May. Will the sheer number of people on Android’s side crush Apple eventually, leading us back to the days when Windows trumped Mac users?

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