Apple develops hybrid drive systemIt seems that Apple is currently developing their very own hybrid drive system that intends to merge the best of both worlds – we’re talking about traditional platter-based and flash storage. Apple’s patent that was recently published by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) served up a rather innovating idea for a SSD/HDD combo drive down the road. .

It seems that Apple’s idea of this drive will be its ability to be able to handle different types of storage media that are based on an environmental state of the hybrid drive, and should the drive actually experiences any change in temperature, vibration or acceleration that might eventually end up in hard drive failure, then the system would automatically kick in to save volatile data to the flash drive.

Makes plenty of sense if you ask me – after all, platter drives are extremely susceptible to physical shocks, magnetization and extreme temperatures, hence to have a modern SSD run alongside in tandem would be able to deliver another layer of assurance without sacrificing on performance. Apple is tipped to introduce these hybrid drives sometime next year onwards.

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