Apricorn SATA Wire Notebook Hard Drive Upgrade Kit gets USB 3.0 interface Apricorn’s latest SATA Wire Notebook Hard Drive Upgrade Kit has just gotten a kick in the butt – with a spanking new USB 3.0 interface, of course. We all know how USB 3.0 kicks USB 2.0′s ass ten ways to Sunday, and we’re sure that no one would deny data transfer speeds that are up to 10x faster compared to standard USB 2.0 connections. Good thing this Speedy Gonzales of a device is extremely affordable at just $29 a pop.

It will come with Apricorn’s popular EZ Gig Cloning Software, which is an all-inclusive upgrade kit that delivers a USB 3.0 connection to just about any 2.5″ SATA notebook hard drive or SSD. Anyone looking for an affordable method to up the data transfer ante on their notebook, you won’t go wrong with Apricorn’s latest offering. [Press Release]

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