Army enlists robotic car for bomb squadIt might seem to be all guts and glory when you sign up for Uncle Sam, but those who return from the battlefield will tell you that what you see on the silver screen is scripted – everything else when you’re there in person is a totally different dimension. You can never quite tell when a bomb might go off anytime, and in what form it would come in. Well, one thing’s for sure – the military has tried their best so far to stop insurgent bombs but to no avail, they still go off from time to time.

Guess a robotic car might have a better chance in the effort to prevent any more unnecessary deaths, inspired by the ‘Hoff’s 1980s classic, Knight Rider. 5D Robotics from California recently picked up a contract to develop an interface with an “intelligent” unmanned car which is said to “effectively perform improvised explosive device defeat (IEDD) tasks remotely.”

Sounds as though this might be a precursor to what Bumblebee or Ironhide is – after all, aren’t those Transformers super intelligent beings that a bomb shouldn’t be able to be too much trouble to defuse?

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