Asylum Door scare the candy out of trick or treatersHalloween’s coming at the end of next month, and you will have yet another chance to introduce even more exotic brands of candy to trick-or-treaters who turn up in front of your doorstep – not to mention the joys of having a cavity being filled and the plague of plaque. If you aren’t the social type, then there is the Asylum Door device which will definitely raise the creepy factor in your abode.

The Asylum Door is self-explanatory – it sports a grimy and weathered look, where a 22″ LCD display will show off footage of an inmate trying to escape. There will even be a cracking glass effect whenever he makes a dash for the window, and with an ax, the realism ante really goes up a notch.

This particular version is selling for a whopping $3,500 over at Etsy – which isn’t cheap at all, but hey, if you are the type who have deep pockets and believe in introducing something new each year for Halloween, why not go for broke with this? A video of it in action is available after the jump.

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