Don’t think that the world of agriculture has remained stagnant for the past two thousand years, no sir, technology has invaded farms in order to increase productivity, and you can add the autonomous self-steering tractor to the list as well. This unique tractor is certainly not designed to please your eyes – but at least it will be able to keep a tractor on track over inconsistent terrain.

According to Erik Hostens, a project engineer, “Only experienced tractor operators have the skills needed to work a field with precision. The job of an operator is really quite complex: he observes the tractor’s current position, makes a judgment based on terrain conditions and the route to be followed, and, based on all this, decides the speed and orientation of the tractor.”

This unique robotic tractor will use a linear propulsion system that presses the tractor’s accelerator and steer, where a computer will work in tandem with different positional sensors such as a GPS system to keep in on track – whether it is on hard or wet terrain. In fact, it is preceise down to the centimeter, and it does make me wonder – with more and more devices getting smart, are we humans dumbing ourselves down on purpose?

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