Baby monitoring in the cloud with Evoz

Evoz, the baby-monitoring Internet service is coming out of beta and is now officially taking orders. If you don’t know it, Evoz is a remote audio-monitoring service that lets parents listen to their baby over the Internet (worldwide), but it does much more than that. It also makes it possible to grant access to others (grand parents, baby-sitter?), and the service can even call you or send you SMS alerts when the baby is crying. Evoz can even analyze and store the baby’s crying and sleep patterns and compare it to other babies, just in case you wonder if things are “normal”.

All those the functionalities are not free: Evoz divides its service in three tiers: basic, standard and premium. I have included a screenshot that shows you the features for each tiers. The hardware itself costs $120 and it wasn’t immediately clear how many the service can handle.

In some ways, Evoz is the baby “audio-only” version of Dropcam, an easy to setup webcam surveillance service which oriented towards classic remote surveillance. Would having only the sound work for you, and more importantly, do you want/need detailed statistics about your baby’s cry+sleep pattern? Let us know by commenting below.

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