Battlefield 3
To show that Battlefield isn’t going to be only about large scale, multiplayer battles, DICE’s junior project manager Tommy Rydling recently shared some new details about about the upcoming military fragfest this October. Battlefield 3’s co-op mode will have two players working together to complete missions like working a mounted gun while the other one flies the chopper, or covering your partner while he/she disarms a bomb. Users will also be able to revive their team mate when he/she goes down – similar to Left 4 Dead, but when both soldiers are down, it’s game over.

The co-op mode story will run in the same scenario as the single-player campaign, but it will feature randomized events which means it’ll have a higher level of replayability. Gear that is unlocked in co-op mode can also be used in regular multiplayer modes, which should be more than enough incentive for gamers to play co-op mode. The unlocks will be based on combined scores accumulated throughout the co-op campaign. It sounds like co-op fans gaming are going to have a lot of fun this October.

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