We’re so used to the computer mouse in this day and age that anything that does not fit the curve of our hand comfortably does not seem right. Well, the same person who is developing the Motion Recognition Clothing has another project that might be of interest to others – the Blob Mouse. Yes, the namesake of the X-Men villain from the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants now comes in the form of a mouse, with a prototype being worked on. Basically, the premise of the Blob Mouse would be a miniature bean bag-like form factor which will translate human motion into signals which will then control one or more aspects of the operation of a computer.

I am quite sure the learning curve is there, but it seems that the Blob Mouse is touted to come with some advantages over a standard mouse such as flexibility in possible support surfaces and working environments, helping you avoid health problems that occur from repetitive hand and finger movements, while this peripheral can also be customized for individuals with reduced hand and finger functionality. No idea on when it will actually be ready to hit the market though, but it does seem to be an interesting idea.

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