BMW has chosen this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show to be their platform of choice when it comes to unveiling their new Concept e scooter – which is a zero-emission cycle to help you get around without searing our ozone layer or your conscience. Featuring a rather future forward design, it intends to be a people mover first with a heart for the environment, while making sure it looks good while it ferries two adults on it around town.

The Concept e is an urban cycle that will feature vibrant green side panels, not to mention a shortened front windshield and acrylic glass battery covers. As the person riding and controlling the Concept e, your eyes will be able to access readouts of speed and other essential vehicle information, while two LCD monitors located near the handlebars will let you access live feeds of the road to the back and sides, so that there no longer is any need for standard mirrors which might break off when you brush it against something hard.

It takes less than 3 hours to fully juice up the Concept e, where a full battery is capable of bringing you and another passenger around town for up to 60 miles. No idea on whether this concept will make it to the real world though, but I don’t mind forking out some money for it if it is priced affordably.

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