Trying to quite smoking can be quite the strenous journey, especially for those who have given themselves to all sorts of various methods and diets, including the dreaded cold turkey. Well, here is something which you might want to give one last push before you give up altogether (not to mention your smoking friends ribbing you by saying, “Winners don’t quit!”) – the Bury the Habit Recordable Coffin.


This unique device will definitely elicit some laughter from you as well as your mates – after all, as its name suggests, this puppy will be able to record any message that you have concerning smoking – perhaps you can try a self-scaring tactic by repeating over and over again just how many of your relatives and friends (God bless their souls) have fallen to the scourge we call cancer, or even statistics on the longevity of smokers.

Either that, or this $19.99 purchase will allow you to scare your mates into quitting, assuming you aren’t a smoker yourself in the first place. What do you think? A fun way to start off the week, no?

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