Clean energy for storage requiredFossil fuels are still the way to go if the cogs and machinery of the world is to move, but the clean energy movement is slowly but surely catching up and entering the mainstream consciousness of many people – while both wind and solar power have proved to be far cleaner, they cannot be stored somewhere – so the current challenge is to look for a method to stash away excess electricity generated in an efficient and large scale manner.

Quirks & Quarks decided that there is promise in a quartet of energy storage technologies, where one of them is the use of compressed air stored underwater in tethered balloons. Apart from that, there are also more efficient batteries in the pipeline thanks to Linda Nazar, a chemistry professor at the University of Waterloo, where she based her work on lithium sulphur and lithium air chemistry.

Toronto-based company Electrovaya decided to repackage lithium-ion batteries for electric cars in order to deliver enough juice for smaller communities, while a liquid metal battery system that is based on electrolytic aluminum smelting big enough to power a city is being worked on. No idea on which one will end up being the dominant technology, but it sure beats polluting our air and environment even further.

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