Green not with envy, but rather, to run on propane autogas. This is a novel way of using in a sense, nobody’s money, to help our law enforcers be in Captain Planet’s good books, as both parties continue to fight the menace of crime and evil around them. Sheriff Phillip Redmond of Iredell County, NC, has already converted 13 Ford Crowns thanks to matching grants from the North Carolina Solar Center’s Clean Fuel Advanced Technologies and the NC Department of Transportation’s Congestion Mitigation Air Quality program.

This was done using confiscated drug money that is illegal anyways, and in a statement, Redmond mentioned that, “we put dirty money to good use by repurposing seized assets from our drug interdiction program to match grant funding for the autogas conversions.”

While there are also other social concerns which could make do of such money, this isn’t that bad either – at least it does not involve financing some politician’s Bahamas getaway with the rest of his family and friends somewhere, no?

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