If you happen to be a Dead Nation player over the Sony PS3, here is a piece of news that will add some zest into the second day of the work week (for most who follow the traditional grind, of course) – there is a new downloadable expansion being worked upon, where it is called “Road of Devastation”.

Just what is Dead Nation all about? You go around killing zombies – ’nuff said. Well, over 11,700,000,000 (which is around 1.5 times more than the current population on earth) zombies have been killed ever since the game was made available to the public, with a worldwide recruit count that has touched more than 3.8 million folks.

Basically, Road of Devastation is a title that jumps upon an organization that always worked in the background, performing biological experiments in order to deliver the perfect soldier (haven’t they watched enough sci-fi and horror movies to know that no such thing as a perfect soldier exists, unless you’re Captain America?), which is capable of killing zombies. Road of Devastation is a sequel to where Dead Nation “ended”, and your only mission is to survive. A new games should normally equal to new weapons and stuff, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed that Road of Devastation will not disappoint!

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