Wi-Fi connectivity while you are flying used to be nothing but a pipe dream, but this dream has turned into reality for quite some time already. Delta Airlines is one of those companies who has made available their own Wi-Fi service whenever you take to the skies, and decided that something this essential to the modern businessperson should not be withheld, which is why the airline decided to expand their in-flight Wi-Fi service to include a number of additional regional aircraft.

This program will also include the Bombardier CRJ700 jets that are operated by Delta Connection carrier Atlantic Southeast Airlines. Delta is proud to maintain that they are the first carrier who delivers Wi-Fi services across its entire mainline and two-class regional fleet, which equals to over 800 chunks of flying Wi-Fi hotspots in the sky.

Delta hopes that this Wi-Fi rollout will be completed before the middle of next year shows up on our calendars. Bear in mind that these aren’t free though, where it will cost you $5 for shorter single flights, while 24-hour passes can be purchased for $13 and monthly passes for $35.

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