Trojan horse malwareIf you’ve heard of the video message service “IF i DIE” that’s been getting quite popular on Facebook recently, you would know that it’s an app that lets you record a video message that will be played for your loved ones after your death. However, if you plan to use the service, be sure to get the app from “IF i DIE”‘s official Facebook page.

There have been reports of malware going around that’s been taking advantage of the service’s growing popularity, and masquerading as the official app.

According to the folks over at Bitdefender who discovered the malware, installing it onto your computer will leave your computer, and any content stored in it compromised. The app installs a keylogger, implants a backdoor that allows remote access and can even take photographs with the webcams of infected computer.

It’s not the first time we have malware dressed up as something else – it’s usually how people find them on their computers in the first place. Just be careful which sites you choose to visit or links you click on your computer. Just because it’s from a friend doesn’t mean it’s trusted, your friend could be infected as well.

Update: for the sake of clarification, it is the app that claims to be “IF i DIE” that causes problems. The original “IF i DIE” app is a legit service and shouldn’t be mistaken for the malware.

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