Techcrunch got to this page before it was taken down (at time of publishing of this post anyways) – but good thing they managed to snag some screenshots of what could possibly be the Project Spartan page. A statistic was shown, stating that “350 million users access Facebook from a mobile device every month,” where it then continued to describe some Facebook mobile web app features as well as screenshots.

It does seem as though most of the app’s core components such as the icons for Bookmarks, Messages, Notifications, and Friend Requests, do seem to be a one-for-one perfect match of Project Spartan. Just what is Project Spartan? It is a HTML5-based mobile application platform which Facebook continued to develop hand-in-hand with 3rd party developers for some time.

Do you think that this a revamp of the current Facebook Mobile App? I guess it really depends on which side of the fence you’re on, but time, as always, will tell.

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