Firefox 8 beta releasedIt isn’t even half a week since Firefox 7 was released officially, and here we have Mozilla bringing news that Firefox 8 beta is about to roll out, sporting several new options for searching, controlling tabs, and managing add-ons.

You can download Firefox 8 beta for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android platforms, where it is the latest version to roll out with Mozilla’s six-week development cycle. How is this new rhythm working out for you? Do you prefer updates to the browser with fewer but more frequent changes, or do you prefer major updates to come once in a while that fixes a slew of bugs at once?

I guess I don’t really mind, but to upgrade or update your software too frequently can end up being a pain sometimes, but since that is Mozilla’s prerogative, who am I to say that they should not do it their way? With Firefox 8 beta, Twitter is now an option for Firefox’s built-in search box, letting you look for results using particular usernames or hashtags in an easier manner.

If you have the time, head on here for the full list of changes that comes with Firefox 8 beta.

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