Ford showcases Spotify car integration

Spotify has been touted as a possible serious contender for iTunes, and with its arrival in the states it’s only a matter of time before we see if those predictions will come true. The good news for those who have readily adopted Spotify and its services is that during the TechCrunch organized Hackathon, Ford together with Spotify teamed up together to showcase Spotify being integrated into the car using Ford’s Sync API.

Taking the Spotify smartphone app, developers used Ford’s Sync API so that the driver could use the car’s stereo’s controls and voice command to control the music service. Through this modification, even the car’s display was able to display information about the song that is currently playing.

At the moment Ford’s Sync AppLink supports only Pandora, and unfortunately for Spotify fans, Ford has clarified that this is merely a demonstration and should not be taken as an indicator that there will be support for Spotify version of the Sync AppLink, but given the possibilities, it is not a stretch to imagine that we may be seeing a Spotify support Sync AppLink in the future.

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