FoursquareOne of the things that people love doing with Foursquare is checking in when they’re at home – most of the time it ensures that they’ll at least be a mayor in one location on the map. However, it’s not always a good idea to do so, thanks to the wonders of the internet – stalkers (and other people with malicious intentions) can use this information to their advantage. But it looks like they won’t be able to do it anymore.

Foursquare will be implementing some new privacy options which can be used to keep the address and location of a user’s home private. Users will have the option to set their homes as a private location so that only their friends and family can see it. If check-ins are shared on Facebook or Twitter, the venue URL will lead to a map without a specific location for everyone. Users who want to remove their home as a venue even if they didn’t create have the ability to do so. Sounds like a great idea, especially for Foursquare users who enjoy the service but don’t want their privacy to be compromised.

This new privacy update will be officially rolling out sometime this week.

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