Fusion Garage Grid10 gets $200 price cutHey, guess what? Fusion Garage’s Grid10 tablet has just gotten cheaper by two HP TouchPads. Yes sir, you can now quantify each Benjamin for a HP TouchPad, getting $1 back in change to boot before taxes. It seems that Fusion Garage decided to take a page out of HP’s book by dropping the price of their Grid10 tablet by a cool $200 in an effort to spur sales – and to spice this bit of news up, this has happened even before the tablet ships, now how about that?

Originally, the Grid10 was supposed to arrive Stateside on the 15th of this month, where the Wi-Fi only 16GB model will retail for $499, while the Wi-Fi + 3G tablet will cost you another $100 more. Without any prior announcement or warning, it seems that those pre-order rates have dropped to $299 and $399, respectively, which means those who want to pick up the Grid10 have all the more incentive to do so.

Amazon has yet to update the new price points, so if you want to get the Grid10 on the cheap, then head on here. No idea on whether it will start flying off the virtual shelves or not – are you getting one?

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