Future Blackberry devices can use NFC to open doorsNFC can be used for a variety of reasons, although at the moment it seems largely aimed at mobile payments. RIM however, has decide to expand on the possibilities of NFC in their handsets and have teamed up with HID Global to enable NFC in smartphones to be used as key cards for opening doors.

As we all know, the latest lineup of Blackberry devices have come with NFC chips in them. Unfortunately at the moment it appears that NFC has been disabled by the major carriers in the US, although we’re not sure if this is the case with Blackberry devices in overseas countries. Either way, if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on one of RIM’s latest Blackberry smartphone with NFC enabled, HID Global who produces access card systems for door locks, will produce a reader for doors starting in 2012 that can be used with Blackberry devices.

This feature would allow users to tap their Blackberry devices on the lock to open the door, assuming of course they have been authorized. This sounds like a great idea especially for companies that use Blackberry Enterprise Server, as the IT managers can easily grant/revoke access to various parts of the building.

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