Google purchases another 1,023 patents from IBMIn our current situation of patent wars happening left and right, naturally the more patents you have under your name, the more well protected you will be, not to mention you’ll probably have more “weapons” to use against your competitors should a patent dispute arise. Looking to protect their Android mobile platform from future patent lawsuits, Google has just bought a little over 1,000 patents from IBM.

For those who forgot, Google had purchased over 1,000 from IBM back in July, and it looks like they’re at it again, this time with 1,023 patents to be specific. The execution date on the purchase was set on the 17th of August while the USPTO recorded the transaction date on the 13th of September.

If you were hoping to find out how much Google paid for these new set of patents, unfortunately while confirming that Google did indeed purchase said patents from IBM, Google spokesperson Jim Prosser did not provide additional details such as the price that Google paid. Given the growing value of patents these days, especially when used in patent disputes and attempting to stop/slow down the competition, we don’t expect it to have come cheap.

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